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Safety & Wellness

Home Collection – Safety Protocols followed by Lupin Diagnostics (Phlebotomists)

November 10, 2021

At Lupin Diagnostics, we follow the best practices to improve blood specimens' quality and ensure the safety of phlebotomy for health workers and patients.

Here are nine safety precautions during sample collection that Lupin Diagnostics takes pride in. We execute them during the home sample collection to ensure the process is safe


One: Staying Cordial and Respectful

Before entering the house for home test sample collection, our fully vaccinated phlebotomist will remove their shoes and greet the patient with a Namaste. They will stay cordial and kind and explain the process to make the patient comfortable and aware.  Our phlebotomists have the requisite education. We measure the temperatures of our phlebotomists on an hourly basis which will be visible to the customers.


Two: Safety First!

Our phlebotomist, during home test sample collection, will carry out hand hygiene and sanitisation. They do this before and after each patient procedure, before putting on gloves and after removing them. They will wear face masks and PPE kits throughout the process. At Lupin, we use retractable lancets, syringes with needle covers or retractable needles, and plastic laboratory tubes to ensure hygiene and safety. The devices come with safety features to prevent the repeated use of needles and reduce the risk of patients and phlebotomists contracting infections.

We follow the same protocols for all tests and rt pcr home collection.


Three: Verify with The Mobile App!

Our phlebotomist will verify the patient's details with the mobile app and then proceed with the process. They will collect the samples after proper verification of the patient.


Four: Checking The Temperature.

It is essential for our phlebotomist to check the temperature of the patient and feed it into the mobile app.

We follow this step for all tests and not just Rt pcr test home collection.


Five: Collect The Sample as Per Protocols.

At Lupin, all our phlebotomists follow the following protocols to proceed with blood sample collection.

Labeling the blood collection tubes before sampling.

Selecting & preparing the injection site with alcohol

Placing the tourniquet 3-4 inches above the injection site

Puncturing the vein when the spirit has evaporated completely.

Avoiding sites of I/V infusion, hematoma, oedema & thrombosis.

Drawing blood samples with minimum trauma using the correct order of draw.

Mixing the blood gently, inverting 8-10 times for additive tubes and 3-4 times for SST.

Pressing the puncture site keeping the arm horizontal till blood stops flowing;

Lastly, apply a gauze pad over the site and have the patient apply direct pressure for several minutes.


Six: Waste Management of Bio-Medical Waste

The blood-sampling device – a needle and syringe, evacuated needle and tube holder will be disposed of immediately after use as a single unit.

The safe-disposal of sharps in a puncture-proof, leak-proof, closable sharps container is essential for managing waste and preventing reuse. 


Seven: Sample Packing

Our phlebotomists place the sample in the bag following all the safety protocols to ensure safe transportation and maintain specimen integrity.


Eight: Collect Happy Code!

After drawing the blood, our phlebotomist will collect the patient's feedback and a happy code for closing the call and the process.


Nine: Closing The Call

Our phlebotomist will then wish the patient good health and leave the house. This shall complete the process of blood collection. You can track phlebotomists' movement on the app.


The above steps are recommended for safe home sample collection and reiterate the accepted principles for drawing and collecting blood.

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