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Safety & Wellness

Best practice for a diagnostics laboratory during Covid-19

November 10, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives. The pandemic has disrupted how we work, travel, shop, spend and protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Frontline health workers are integral to the global response to COVID-19. In hospitals, clinics, laboratories, homes worldwide, health workers take on significant personal risks to ensure all of us can receive the care we need. They have got certain COVID 19 precautions and guidelines to be followed strictly.


What are the Dos and Don’ts for a Diagnostic Laboratory?

One of the strictest protocols to be followed is for diagnostic centres  since they are directly in contact with Coronavirus positives. 

  • At Lupin Diagnostics, we ensure disinfection and social distancing.
  • Every employee of Lupin Diagnostics wears a mask. We also make sure that the customers walking in are also abiding by the protocols. 
  • All our employees are double vaccinated. We record the temperature of our employees before they start their day. They need to monitor their health through self-assessment apps. 
  • We take extra measures to ensure a clean and appropriate environment. High-touch surfaces and equipment present a higher probability of contamination in the work area. They are cleaned with disinfectant frequently.
  • Staff is encouraged to clean surfaces and equipment more frequently.
  • Visual reminders, such as posters are displayed throughout the laboratory environment, common areas, and restrooms to emphasize the importance of hand hygiene and to encourage frequent hand washing.
  • Lupin Diagnostics has a COVID-19 health and safety plan to protect its employees
  • There are policies in place that guide sick employees to stay home and not return to work until the criteria to discontinue home isolation are met in consultation with healthcare providers and state and local health departments.
  • We ensure the employee is doing stable and can be back at work only after being tested negative. 
  • The responsibility of the lab management plays a pivotal role in keeping hygiene and safety maintained. 
  • We understand that one single lapse can cause severe damage. Discussing the health condition or personal details of the patients is strictly forbidden. 
  • The policies and laid down procedures at Lupin Diagnostics make sure that medical information is not leaked by any means.
  • We do not provide any medical advice, medication or impose quarantine unless directed by a medical professional.


At Lupin Diagnostics, we understand the latest protocols and policies. Lab safety is always a top priority.

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